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Super Cub III

“Just the right amount of Huge.” Those are probably the best words used to describe the incredible Backcountry Super Cub III. Representing the latest in the evolution of Backcountry Super Cubs, the Super Cub III stands tall as the finest STOL machine on the market today. A huge cabin and baggage area make the Super Cub III the roomiest, most comfortable Cub-style airplane ever. Now, adding to the game-changing articulated LE slats, the Cub III sports huge, air-bending practically to the


point of hovering.  Its tall, rugged main gear and tail wheel can absorb the toughest of STOL landings providing the Cub III a huge ramp presence that simply states, “This is Muscle STOL.” Powered by the Lycoming IO-390, the Super Cub III delivers incredible load-carrying STOL performance, with a top cruise speed to get you where you want to be.   Got STOL? The Backcountry Super Cub III, “Just the right amount of huge.” 

Features and Specifications

Engine – Lycoming IO-390
Propeller – Whirlwind Constant Speed 80″

Length: 25′ 6″
Wingspan: 38′ 6″Wing Area: 215 sq feet
Cabin Width: 27.5″ @ pilot position
Cabin Height: 53.5″ @ pilot position
Usage Cabin Volume: 93.5 cubic feet

Fuel: 59 gallons
Oil: 8 quarts

Cruise Speed: 115 mph
Stall Speed: 18 mph
Rate of Climb: up to 2000 feet per minute
Endurance: 5 hours (112 mph cruise)
Range: 560 miles with one hour reserve
Fuel Consumption: 8 gallons per hours
Takeoff Distance: 47′
Landing Distance: 28′


VNE – 139 mph never exceed speed
VsO – 18 mph stall speed with flaps down
VS – 26 mph stall speed with flaps up
VFE 10 – 60 mph maximum speed 10 degree flaps
Vo – 90 mph maximum operating maneuvering speed
VX – 55 mph best angle of climb speed
VY – 72 mph best rate of climb speed

 * The above Specifications may vary.

Empty Weight: 1350 1450 lbs Varies with Bushwheel tires and finishing
Gross Weight: 2400 lbs Useful Load: 1000 lbs


Base Components
* Fuselage-completely welded (bare 4130 tube)
– Right Side split-style door.
– Door latch assembly.
– Attachment points for seat belt & shoulder harness
* Front & Rear Controls
– Sticks, Rudder pedals & Toe Brakes.
– Rear controls are removable.
* Torque tube & torque tube bearings.
* Flap Lever Assembly
* Rear Trim Electric Actuator.
– String Pot for Indicator Panel
* Windshield (Clear Lexan)
– 1 Clear uncut Sheet for Top Glass – .125
– 1 Clear uncut Sheet for Side windows – .080
– Exterior Windshield Trim Strip.
– Front door post interior covers.
* Motor Mount (Conical)
– Engine mount saddles (Tip Out).
* Large baggage compartment w/door frame.
– Skin, Hinge, Lock & Striker plate.
* Adjustable Front Seat Assembly (No upholstery)
– Aluminum Back & Bottom skins.
– Nylon slides
* Rear Seat Assembly (No upholstery)
– Aluminum Back & Bottoms skins
* Composite Engine & Boot Cowls
* Carbon Fiber Floor & Side Panels up to side former
* Aluminum Firewall
– Can be painted with fireproof paint. 
Aircraft Spruce #05-02615

* Blank Aluminum Instrument Panel
* Rear Tail bottom aluminum inspection cover
* Interior wing roof panels (L&R)
* All Cables & Pulleys
* Hardware Kit for fuselage assembly
– (Bolts, washers, nuts & clevis pins only, no nut plates or screws)
* Wing Assembly (L&R) w/spar doublers
– Flaps (Completely Assembled)
– Ailerons (Completely Assembled)
– Leading Edge Slat Kit w/hardware
– Horner Style composite tips
– 29 Gallon wing tanks (L&R) (58 Gal capacity)
- 24 gallon wing tanks (L&R) optional
– HD sealed wing struts w/forks
– Jury Struts
– Stainless steel tie down rings
– Flap gap seal
* Tail Assembly
– Elevators (Ready to Cover)
– Stabilizers (Ready to Cover)
– Rudder (Ready to Cover)
– Flying wires and bushings
* Landing Gear (L&R) 
- Cabane Style standard
- shocks optional
– 1 1/2″ Axles
– Axle Spacers
– Axle Nuts
– 6″ Double Puck wheels and brakes
– Matco 11″ Tail Wheel

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