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Backcountry Super Cub Kit

Revision 3  - 2400# Gross Max
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Base Kit Price:
All pricing is in US Dollars
Revision III Kits include the following major components ready for assembly:

Fuselage-Completely Welded (bore 4130 tube)

  • Right side one-piece door

  • Door latch assembly

  • Attach points for seat belts & shoulder harness

Front & Rear Controls

  • Torque tube & torque tube bearings

  • Sticks, Rudder pedals & Toe Brakes

  • Rear controls are removable

Flap Lever Assembly

  • Overhead Left Side

Electric Trim Actuator

  • String Pot for Panel indicator

Windshield (Clear Lexan)

  • 1 Clear uncut Sheet for the top window

  • 2 Clear uncut Sheets for side windows

Motor Mount (Conical)

  • Engine Mount saddles (Hinge Out)

Large Baggage Compartment w/Door Frame

  • Skin

  • Hinge

  • Lock and Sticker Plate

Adjustable Front Seat Assembly (No upholstery)

  • Aluminum back and bottom skins

  • Nylon Sides

Rear Seat Assembly (No upholstery)

  • Back and bottom skins

Carbon Fiber Engine Cowls

Carbon Fiber Boot Cowls

Aluminum Firewall

  • Can be painted with fireproof paint

Blank Aluminum Instrument Panel

Rear Tail Bottom aluminum inspection panel

All Cables & Pulleys

Wing Assembly (L&R) w/Spar Doublers

  • Flaps (Completely assembled)

  • Ailerons (Completely assembled)

  • Leading Edge Slat Kit w/hardware

  • Horner style composite tips

  • 29 Gallon wing tanks (L&R) (58 Gal capacity)

  • HD Sealed wing struts w/forks

  • Jury Struts

  • Flap gap seal

Tail Assembly

  • Elevators (Ready to cover)

  • Stabilizers (Ready to cover)

  • Rudder (Ready to cover)

  • Flying wires and bushings

Landing Gear (L&R)

  • 1.5 Inch Axles

  • Axel Spacers

  • Axel Nuts

  • Cabane V

  • 6 inch Double Puck wheels and brakes

  • Tundra Lite 8 inch Tailwheel

  • Tailwheel Spring (See Landing Gear Options)

No Shock Struts included (See Options)

Backcountry Super Cub Kit Options

Revision III
Left Door:

Left Window:

Protective coating of airframe & associated parts

Third Seat:

Landing gear options:

(Requires all doors to be one piece swing-up)


Rigid Landing Light w/bracket & housing

Stainless Steel Firewall

Top Glass

Paint (White w/Red Accent)

Prices vary with different colors

IMPORTANT: Price information is subject to change without notice.
Covering System:

  • 60 yards of Superflite 102 Med Fabric

  • 1 - 1/2 Gallon of glue

  • 6 - 2" Pinked edge tapes

  • 2 - 3" Pinked edge tapes

  • 3 - 1/2" Reinforcement tape

  • 1 - Flat rib lacing cord

  • 1 - Package Sea Plane grommets

  • 10 - Inspection rings

  • 15 - Domed Inspection Covers

  • 6 - Gallons primer base

  • 12 - Pints primer catalyst

  • 5 - Gallons mid temp reducer

  • 1 - Gallon super wash

Additional Options

Harness Inertial type (Black Only)

Harness Fixed type (Black Only)

Custom cut, engraved & finished for instruments

for Carb & Inj sys w/NO tank return
from fuel valve to tank

Standard 320-360-390 mufflers w/muffs and tail pipes

Includes 140 VGs, double sided tape and template
Estimated Price. Subject to review by Backcountry
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