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Lycoming 0-360 engine w/Skytec inline starter, C.A.M oil cooler, Tempest carb,

Slick magnetos Whirlwind Propeller - Fixed Pitch Ground Adjustable Model GA200L

B&C Alternator and regulator

Falcon Vertical Speed indicator

Falcon airspeed indicator

Falcon Altimeter

Falcon Tach

Westach Volt/Amp/Oil pressure/Oil temp gauge

Westach Manifold Pressure Gauge

Westach CHT

Also EGT Gauge

Garmin 696 GPS

Trig TY91 Comm Radio

Trig TT21 Transponder

Hooker Inertia Reel Harness and Lap Belt (Front & Rear)

31” Alaska Bush Tires (New)

Grove Wheels and Brakes

AOSS Landing Gear Shock Struts

Marco Tailwheel

ACK Model E-04 ELT

Sealed wing struts

Pulsar Wing tip stones

Folding pilot seat

Folding passenger seat

T.T. since new 300

Will come with fresh annual

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