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We strive to provide you with a one-stop-shop of helpful information.

Our goal is to respond to frequent inquiries and provide info that answers your commonly asked questions. If you are looking for something that isn’t here, please let us know and we’ll get it to you.

Factory Build Updates & Important Notices

Set wing dihedral

Wing dihedral must be set relative to the front spar–NOT the root rib!. The top of the front spar is approximately 3/4″ lower than the top of the root rib; Hence if you set your dihedral relative to the root rib you must check and reset it if required. Here is the recommended method per the original Piper manual: “[To check dihedral angle at the front spar, proceed as follows: Stretch a string along the top of the wings above the front spar, from wingtip to wing tip, and draw it tight. Check the dimension vertically from the string to top of fuselage front spar wing hinge fitting. For correct dihedral this dimension should be 3 1/8″]”. If you have ANY questions on this procedure please call the factory for clarification. NOTE: the instructions in the current version of the SQ-2 manual are INCORRECT as they reference measuring from the top of the root rib–the picture in the manual is incorrect also.

Ground Fuel Tanks

It has come to our attention that some customers have not been grounding the fuel tanks to the airframe. Please make sure you have a positive electrical connection between the fuel tanks and the airframe, and airframe to engine. This allows any static to discharge through the exhaust before fueling.

Updated part #’s

Dynafocal Engine Mount

If installing a Dynafocal engine mount either Aircraft Spruce “SANDWICH MOUNTS FOR HOMEBUILT AIRCRAFT” part # 08-03500 or part # 08-03600 will fit.

Axle Spacers

There is a difference in width for the axle spacers depending on whether you have a Cleveland (e.g. Alaska Bushwheel) wheel or Grove wheel set. Please consult with the factory to insure you have the correct spacer.

Backcountry Super Cub (next generation SQ-2) Factory Build Pictures

Use these pictures (almost 500 with more added as available) as a guide when assembling your kit.

Here is a link to the slideshow with the pictures we took in the factory as one of our customer worked on his aircraft here.

Backcountry Standard Super Cub PA-18 Build Manual

Here is an on-line version of our original Backcountry (standard) PA-18 build manual. Note: This is our original standard, traditional, PA-18 kit–not the current “Backcountry Super Cub” kit manual.
PA-18 Build Manual – PDF [9mb]

Standard PA-18 Build Pictures

Helpful Info

  • The January 2013 issue of EAA Sport Aviation has an excellent article (page 60) on what documentation & FAA forms are required to build and license your aircraft.  Go There

  • The EAA also has an outstanding set of “How To” videos to help the first-time, and even experienced builders, with tips, tricks and basic aircraft construction skills.  View Videos

  • The FAA also has a webpage specifically for guiding one thru the aircraft certification process.  Go There

  • EAA also has an excellent article on what constitutes a “major” or “minor” change regarding an amateur-built aircraft’s operating limitations.  Go There

FAA Forms

EAA has a list of all these forms and related helpful information. Here is a link.

We have found it helpful to fill out the “Program Letter” as mentioned in AC 20-27 (above) prior to your inspection. Discuss your proposed/requested flight test area with your DAR or FSDO member prior to your inspection.  A link to a sample letter is here. And here is a link to a blank “Program Letter” form.