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Backcountry Supercubs are centered in Douglas, Wyoming, where our team of engineers and craftsman deliver the evolution of what a true working class experimental aircraft can be.

The company started in 1998 under the name Smith Aviation, producing kits just outside of London, Ontario (1 ½ hours north of Detroit, MI).

In late 1999 Smith Aviation began sub-contracting the wing production to Wayne & Sharon Axelson of Southwold, Ontario. In January 2006, Smith Aviation was sold and the name was changed to Turbine Cubs of Wyoming, LLC. The company moved its headquarters to the state of Wyoming.

After producing over 100 kits under the new name, and not having turbine engines to offer to customers, it was decided another name change was needed.

On opening day of Oshkosh (AirVenture) 2009 we officially changed our name to Backcountry Super Cubs LLC. We felt this new name best described the products we produced, the classic Super Cub or the next generation Super Cub (our Mackey SQ-2) that allow you to escape to the backcountry.

In 2008 we established a relationship with Wayne Mackey from Miles City, Montana.

Wayne brings 25 plus years of Super Cub flying experience to Backcountry Super Cubs having tried almost everything related to Super Cubs. He knows what works best for the Backcountry pilot. Our Mackey SQ-2 is Wayne’s personal design. He started with Super Cub and transformed it to the next generation Super Cub. The SQ-2 is an aircraft with a larger entrance door, more room for the pilot and passenger, larger open access baggage area, better visibility and a stronger airframe. Because of the leading edge self castering slat and extended wing chord, this aircraft does not stall like a conventional airplane. It is best described as nose high plowing. In other words, the aircraft simply has a descent (sink) rate with a stable attitude and making the aircraft spin is virtually impossible. This adds an incredible amount of safety during low speed maneuvering that has never been available before in this class of aircraft.

Over the years we have discovered the only way to stay competitive, has been the extensive use of CNC Machines.

Their use has allowed us to maintain individual part consistency and reduce labor cost. Backcountry Super Cubs has been a pioneer in computer cutting 4130 chrome alloy steel tubing. In 2003 we began looking for a way to cut our airframe tubing with a CNC Machine. A machine did not exist to do this job efficiently, so we commissioned a company to design and build one for us. Now all our tubes are CNC cut, meaning each and every tube fits together as tightly as possible inside the jigs before the welding begins. Our welders don’t need to worry about filling in any gaps or irregularities in the joints (which occur when tubes are cut by hand), their only concern is ensuring perfect penetration all the way around the weld.

In our wings we literally make everything except the nuts and bolts.

We build our own Spars, end to end. Extruded from 6061-T6 aluminum (0.011’ thicker web than the original Piper spars), we add a substantial doubler to the strut fitting area, increasing the minimum gross weight  by over 200 lb of gross weight, stock.

All rib profiling includes our new offset “L” that allows you ease of mounting additional slats and equipment or to just simply use pop rivets to attach your fabric if you wish. Every part of our wings are precise Laser, Water or CNC milled and then completed with Certified AN stock hardware. We finish with our leading and trailing edge Aluminum Skinning.

Wing finishing can be a daunting process. Backcountry Supercub can deliver your wings to you in Structure & Materails, Covered, Covered & Painted form or any configuration you chose.