Backcountry Supercubs have the following aircraft and accessories available for purchase.

Please Contact us for more information.

Complete set – Supercub Wings & Leading Edge Slats – Excellent condition


  • Ly-Con-IO-360-EXP
  • WhirlWind Aviation 200A Propeller
  • Garmin G3X Display PDF/MFD 370/375 I/A/W Garmin Manual 190-0115-01 Rev F
  • Performance STOL (Keller) Double Slotted Flap System
  • ALPHA Omega Suspension System, Rigged I/A/W BAR-18A1
  • New Alaskan Bushwheel Lightweight 35”X15X10” Tires
  • Cubcrafters Rudder & Elevator Gap Seals
  • TWC Technologies Battery Back Up System
  • LED Taxi Light
  • LED Map Lights in Right & Left Wing Root Panels
  • 3” Extended Chord Rudder By Experimental Aircraft Metal Fabrication
  • 3” Extended Span and Chord Elevators By Experimental Aircraft Metal Fabrication
  • AS3-10-B Gascolator
  • F Atlee Dodge Heater Box – 18-CHB
  • F Atlee Dodge Defroster
  • AK-450 ELT