Suspension Systems

For us, it’s about where you want to go.


Alpha Omega Suspension Systems

3.0″ O.D. X 120″ Wall 4130N Steel Tube

Electroless nickel inside and out. Zinc top coat on outer surface only with clear chromate conversion coating (to protect nickel plating against prop blast).

Internal Material:
Solid Elastomeric Polymer

• Basic AOSS Unit: 6.0 lbs. (per side)
• Complete Assembly AOSS Unit For Extended Gear: 6 Lbs. 12 oz. (per side)
• Complete Assembly AOSS Unit for 3″ Extended Gear: 7 lbs. 2 oz. (per side)

• Original drop test conducted using calculated landing weights for 2,070 lbs. gross weight.
• Additional drop testing in 2006 was conducted at a gross weight of 2,300 lbs.
• Official FAA Cold-drop testing performed to -20° Fahrenheit (unofficial testing to -26° Fahrenheit)
• Client feedback in the field have reported operations in tempuratures as low as -40° Fahrenheit with excellent results.
• Reserve energy test: requires drop height to be up to 1 1/2 times the “limit load” drop height (just short of 18″)

Maximum acceleration: 4.7g’s (forces from 5.2 to 5.4g’s are normally expected)

AOSS Supercub Assembly

TK1 Racing Systems – “Shock Monster” Extreme Shock Package

7075 Heat treated aluminum body – brushed finish with superior cooling. A true dual approach.

• Ceramic coated high strength solid aluminum shaft.
• Chrome-Moly rod end and lower bearing.

Internal Material:
• Nitrogen charged air w/ dual seals and dual O-rings to ensure proper sealing.
• 9 hole highly customizable and completely re-valveable piston design.

TK1 Supercub: 8.0 lbs including holder. (per side)
No coil springs required.


Still Pending.

The Backcountry Porter style Outrigger

Backcountry Supercub’s engineers are now in development of our advanced HTS (high travel suspension) package, a modified outrigger style of the Porter config. Offering you the use of a wider array of  Hub, Brake and Wheel configurations, this also opens up an increase in fuel and trim versatility.

The genesis of this is our own experience in how to get into areas that may have been previously a bit to rowdy to attempt before.

We look forward to offering them to you this Spring, 2017.